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The Treatment Hub team have been delivering sports injury, Biomechanical assessment and orthotic clinics in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire near Glasgow since 2008. However the Treatment Hub was not the original name for the clinic.
The team first began at ATHelite running supplies working with Colin and Geneveive (the shop owners) delivering the Hamilton Biomechanics and sports injuries clinc on the 1st floor of the shop. 

The clinic was initially only on a Saturday morning by Grant (Sports Therapist) and Robbie (Orthotist). Such was the success and the demand for the clinic treating sports injuries, foot and knee problems and delivering biomechanical assessments it quickly expanded.

Due to the expansion and demand for the clinic and due the team's desire to improve the services the Treatment Hub was born. The idea was to enhance the current Sports injury and Orthotic clinic to include Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Chirpopody treatment all in the one place.

The idea was to create a clinical environment (or Hub!!) where a group of Healthcare professionals worked as a single team working together under one roof to deliver the best possible care for you the patient. 

Over the last few years it has become one of the most professional and popular sports injury clinics in Scotland.

The Treatment Hub team have over 2000 patient's on their books and there are no signs of things stopping there!


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