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Biomechanical assessment in Hamilton and Glasgow


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What is a Biomechanical assessment?


The purpose of a biomechanical assessment is used to determine how the functional movement and alignment of the body may cause pain or discomfort in certain areas. People may have knee pain, hip pain or back pain which may in fact be related to a mechanical or biomechancal problem not necessarily in the area where the pain presents. instead, the mechanics of body movement (or biomechanics to give the proper term) lead to issues of over use or stress in these parts of the body.
A biomechanical assessment is required to examine the muscles, joints and movement of the body to systematically establish why activity or movement may bring on symptoms. From this a treatment plan can then be prescribed which may include stretches, strengthening work or even orthotics (or insoles) to help facilitate more normal biomechanical movements to prevent the secondary symptoms which result from any biomechanical deficit. 

Our award winning podiatry, orthotics and biomechanics clinicians in both our Hamilton and Glasgow biomechanics clinics are experts in biomechanics, musculoskeletal assessment, video gait analysis and orthotic prescription and design. 

Our team are nationally recognised MSK and specialist biomechanics Orthotists and Podiatrists who train and educate fellow clinicians across the UK on biomechanics and clinical MSK assessment. Our Orthotists & podiatrists also include clinical practice educators and lecturers on the undergraduate programme at the National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics at Strathclyde University in Glasgow and also Glasgow Caledonian University podiatry degree programme.

We don't just have the gadgets we have the knowledge to use them!

What happens as part of your free Biomechanical assessment?


The purpose of the biomechanical assessment is to examine your own body alignment, movement (or mechanics) and the reason for your current symptoms.


To do this we undertake:


  • A relevant medical history to understand the nature of your complaint and to ascertain whether there may be a background of mechanical injury or possible altered biomechanics from a condition or previous mechanical trauma
  • Assess the movement (or biomechanics) of the joints of your feet, ankles, knees, hips and any other joints that may be contributing to your symptoms 
  • A static alignment of your body to check your alignment when lying still and also when you are standing still 
  • Biomechanical video gait analysis to assess what happens when your body begins to move and what compensatory movements occur due to your biomechanical issues 
  • We may also undertake digital in shoe pressure analysis to check where your weight is placed through your legs. (No one else in Scotland has access to in shoe pressure analysis as part of their biomechanical assessment)



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 From the process described above we can then understand why the symptoms, pain or discomfort may be caused and how we may help treat these. This can include stretching and strengthening exercises, orthotics and insoles, Chiropody treatments, Sports massage or physiotherapy. Due to the unique approach taken by The Treatment Hub team in Hamilton and Glasgow you can access many of these services and professionals at the same time.


Why is the Treatment Hub the best place to have your biomechanical assessment in the Hamilton or Glasgow area?


We offer a free no obligation biomechanical assessment and have our entire price list for any treatment available on our website for you. So that you are competely aware of all possible charges for orthotic treatment that may be suggested from the biomechanical assessment.


  • The only charge from the Biomechanics team at The Treatment Hub  is if we feel we can help you after undertaking the biomechanical assessment AND you want us to to treat you. 

  •  There is a charge if you wish us to provide written feedback either of your assessment or from any pressure mapping reading or video gait analysis. However, we only do this at your request and this is not obligatory.


  • Also, each and every follow up appointment you have from us precribing orthotics is completely free for the 3 months following fitting of your orthotics, with absolutley no limit on the number of review appointments in this time.


If you are researching why other Biomechanics and Orthotics clinics in Glasgow or Scotland don't show you a full price list for their treatment (and policy on pricing for follow up appointments) unless you contact them, ask yourself why not?


 For each and every patient who attends our clinic for biomechanical assessment. If after your free and full biomechanical assessment you don't think our treatment is for you then there is no charge.

Equally, if we don't think we can help there is no charge for the assessment

The truth is, that for any clinician to be able to diagnose your problem and prescribe orthotics, they must undertake a full biomechanical assessment to do this properly.

Orthotics at The Treatment Hub clinic in Hamilton and Glasgow don't feel you should pay twice for this and instead include the biomechanical assessment costs within the total costs for your orthotics or future treatment costs. This means you have no hidden or additional costs when attending either our Glasgow or Hamilton orthotic and biomechanics clinics.

Sport Orthotics at The Treatment Hub (Hamilton or Glasgow) are so confident in their ability to address your problem, that not only do we provide a free biomechanical assessment but we ALSO don't charge for your review appointments for the 3 months following the fitting of any orthotics regardless of how many times we see you. This unique part of our service is provided because we are so keen to be the best for customer service and to demonstrate our confidence in our ability.

No other biomechanical assessment clinic or orthotic provider in the Glasgow area or indeed in Scotland provides this approach!


This may alo explain why so many patients use our services and awarded us their customer services award every year since 2013 



 The orthotic and podiatry biomechanics experts at the Treatment Hub clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow city centre have post graduate level, HCPC registered clinicians with over 20 years experience in biomechanics and biomechanical assessments.

The orthotics clinics and biomechanics clinics are delivered by the Sport Orthotics team. Scotland's leading team of Podiatrists and Orthotists, who specialise specifically in Biomechanical assessment, video gait analysis. orthotics/insoles, and other orthotic bracing.

To find out more about them click on the links below for more information on the team, what they can provide and what happens in their clinics.

They are qualified to prescribe and manufacture their own orthotics to treat biomechanical issues, and can provide advice on rehabilitation following injury, training advice and orthotics prescription.


They can also call on the help of the multidisciplinary team within The Treatment Hub to take a holistic approach to be sure we provide the best overall care of you the patient.


They provide a free biomechanical assessment, the only clinic in the Lanarkshire, and Glasgow area or indeed Scotland to do this.


On this page we provide information on what a biomechanical asessment is, why we provide this free and the common conditions we see in our biomechanical assessment clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow city centre.


Click on some of the links below for details of some of the conditions we commonly see in our clinic and how we may help with your problem following a biomechanical assessment at our biomechanics clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow.


At The Treatment Hub clinics in Hamilton and Glasgow we provide a variety of options regarding your biomechanical assessment. Using the latest technology, we can undertake video gait analysis and also in-shoe pressure measurements whil you move. This can be done with or without orthotics, and whether you are standing, running, or walking.

Our options regarding our Biomechanical assessments are given below and are designed to suit all budgets, and how also how much you wish to find out about your mechanics!


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