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video gait analysis software


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What is video gait analysis?

Video gaot analysis is the use of specialist cameras and software looking at the science of motion (biomechanics) and assessing deviations from "normal motion".

The biomechanical assessment needs to be undertaken by recognised health professionals with a full knowledge of biomechanics. An example of professionals with this specialist knowledge are Orthotists and Podiatrists. As part of this assessment our Treatment Hub clinicians will also undertake a full medical history, static alignment including body position, muscle pwers and joint ranges of movement.

Aches, pains and niggles are often related to poor patterns of movement which arise due to muscle balance, tightness of muscles or skeletal alignemnt issues. These can often go unnoticed until  people try to increase activity such as running, or increased walking. People often attend our biomechanics clinic with an injury, which in reality has been a biomechanics issue which has present for a long time.

our video gait analysis allows us to film your movement from more than one angle at the same time, and slowing this down to a much slower speed. This allows us to assess these biomechanical issues which are often not seen at normal speed. 


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