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Custom footwear and orthotic footwear


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What is Orthotic custom or bespoke footwear and what can it do for you?

Orthotic footwear is footwear customised to you and designed to work specifically with your orthotics. Often patients who have foot positonal issues such as flat feet, bunions or hammer toes have difficulty finding suitable footwear.

In the NHS, many patients requiring Orthopaedic or surgical shoes to accomodate bunions, hammer toes, claw toes, flat feet or wide fitting shoes reject the footwear/shoes offered due to their appearance. At The Treatment Hub our clinicians have over 20 years of clinical experience dealing with custom orthopaedic footwear and recognise where the problems attached with getting custom made shoes are.

As such we have realised that in order to provide footwear that people wish to wear, we need to use footwear manaufacturers who know to do this. Often orthopaedic shoes and footwear are ugly and look "hospital" like. Klaveness are a European retail shoe manufacturer who also provide custom orthopaedic shoes in Scandanavia. 

Coupled with our specialist foot orthotics and insoles service our custom footwear service for our patients we work closely with our patients to provide footwear that not only works with you and is customised exactly for you, but also is pleasing to the eye and designed by retail high street maunfacturers.

This means we can prove "Orthopaedic" footwear that doesn't look ugly and instead helps address your issues without our patients feeling abnormal

How do we do this?

We do this by working in partnership with specialist retail footwear manufacturers who also produce custom footwear with you in mind. The world of custom footwear has moved on from the days of shoes that look ugly and old fashioned! 

Our clinicians are specially trained to assess, measure and fit specilaist orthopaedic footwear to a medical level and have a wealth of experience in this area of work. Coupled with the on-site orthotic lab we can alter footwear as well as your orthotic insoles to ensure you walk out both happy and comfortable! 

Some footwear examples are shown below



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