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  The mind fix formula


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For enquiries call 01698 537 037 or click here to contact us


Call 07500 806 308 or


What is The Mind Fix Formula?


To keep it simple, The Mind Fix Formula is your chance to change your life right now.

I’m John Allan, the guy behind the Mind Fix Formula.


Whatever it is that holds you back in life, the solution is right in front of you and is a welcome addition to complement the amazing services already available at The Treatment Hub.


Maybe your life is currently being ruled by a fear or phobia, something that has had a grip on your daily existence for too long. Perhaps you’re fed up seeing your confidence drain away from you time and time again.


If any of that sounds familiar to you, then that means you’re in the right place for you to change.


The Mind Fix Formula offers a range of services that include Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Life Coaching to allow the change you need to take place to happen.


So whether it’s a fear or phobia, confidence issues or anxiety that you suffer from, I can help.


Perhaps you’d like to sort out your self-limiting beliefs, lose some weight or give up smoking. Again I can help you to help yourself to a better life. There isn’t enough room on the page to tell you about all the different ways in which I can help you now. Get in touch to see how you could be my next success story. You can read some of my client testimonials by clicking here


What’s Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?


NLP uses various different techniques that allow the client to change the way they relate to whatever it is that’s causing the problem. Changing the state of mind happens extremely quickly. One session is all it usually takes to fix a fear or phobia.


Will it work for me?

Are you ready to move on with your life? Answer yes to change and you will. People who aren’t ready to change are easy to spot and I would advise that type of person not to book an appointment with me.


What fears and phobias do you deal with?


That’s a great question and the answer is all of them. As humans we are born with only two fears. The fear of falling and the fear of sudden loud noises.  Everything else is a learned behaviour and those can be undone.



It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been tied down with a particular fear or phobia. They can be made a thing of the past and usually in just one short sitting with The Mind Fix Formula. Imagine how your life will be, having let go of that thing
that’s held you back for as long as it has.


What do you use hypnosis for?


Hypnosis can be used to cure so many different things, from weight loss to giving up smoking , from insomnia to confidence issues, from anxiety and stress to just about anything you can think of. During hypnosis, you will become very relaxed and at ease. You will also be aware of everything that is happening around you.


Hypnosis is used to communicate on a deeper level and works on your unconscious. Now this allows the changes that are right for you to take place and transform your life.


What’s Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a wee bit more long term help. Maybe there are several issues in your life that you’d like to address and sort out.


Perhaps you want to take your business to the next level and feel nothing but fear and worry. Maybe you’d love to go after that promotion at work, but there is something holding you back that you can’t put your finger on.


It could be you are involved with sports or performance of some kind, and would like to be free of that little nagging voice that doubts your ability, preventing you from moving up to the next stage where you know you deserve to be.


If you get that feeling that’s you, then Life Coaching is something that can help you smash those self-limiting beliefs and turn down the volume on the annoying little voice in your head. Imagine being able to view your life from a different angle that will then allow you to flourish instead of flounder.


How do I book a session?


A simple phone call will do the trick. We’ll have a chat and find out what it is you need my help with. You can also get in touch through my email address, and I’ll arrange to call you.  My sessions take place within The Treatment Hub.


I can be reached on 07500 806 308 or


I look forward to helping you change your life fast.



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