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What is a virtual consultation?

Virtual consultations are relatively new to heathcare and is a valuable way for patients who either can't come to our clinic or are unsure if we can help. 

It provides an opportunity for patients to ask and be given advice about their condition, or aches and pains that they may have.

We provide this service to ensure that patients are full informed about  their condition and also to provide some advice that may prevent the need for a face to face consultation. It provides a very flexible approach for patients who for various reasons either cannot attend due to a health issue, may live a distance from our clinic or may not have the time to attend.

How does it work?

Our clinic software provides a secure connection which we send a link either by email or text depending on patient preference depending on the hardware being used by the patient. 

It works based on a video based approach allowing us speak directly to you and explore how we may help you.

How can you assess a patient virtually?

A large part of patient assessment is based on taking an appropriate medical history and visual assessment which can both be done via video consultation. Our clinicians have been at the forefront of developing systems for virtual assessment guidance in particular during the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

As part of the virtual assessment we will ask you to make particular movements to understand muscle strength and also to establish what soft tisses or movements require treatment.

From this we may be able to give management advice, stretches or strenthening programmes to help with your issue.

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